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Tattoo Services

Getting tattooed requires thought and research beforehand.  Some of this can be confusing or daunting if it is your first tattoo or you've had any bad experience(s) with tattoos before now. Let's eliminate the confusion by working through each step together, starting with a free 30 minute consultation.  I will listen to your ideas, work hard to earn your trust, restore your faith in tattooing, and deliver the best experience humanly possible so we can both be proud of the results.  Here are a few examples of what pricing can look like.  Each session is timed and only tattooing counts towards your total. I'm more than happy to answer any questions if you have them, just send them to me! If you're ready to make your deposit or prepay for time, just head to the kiosk! Thank you!

30 min. Consultation

Let's meet up to see if we are a good fit and talk ideas without any obligation or purchase necessary. After 30 mins the custom design hourly rate of $250/hr begins


Drawing Fee Custom design work

Wanna see your idea on paper before you commit to getting tattooed? That's ok, but I do collect a fee for my time.  3 changes to the art are allowed per 1 hr. drawing fee before a new drawing fee hour will be collected. If you decide to go forward and get this imagery tattooed, a single drawing fee is transferred to your deposit.



This is the 20 minute shop minimum/ deposit. If you already paid a drawing fee for custom design work, and decide to get tattooed, the drawing fee is transferred and becomes your deposit, the only remainder to pay for your tattoo will be the sales tax and any additional time used.


Minimum sized tattoo

This is a small tattoo that is completed in 20 minutes or less.  If you paid your required deposit of $100, the only remainder to pay on tattoo day will be the sales tax.


1 hour tattoo session

every tattoo is billed at a flat rate of $6 per minute with a 20 minute minimum.


3 hr. session/Half day

This is the maximum suggested length of a session for anyone new to getting tattooed or if you have sensitive skin/ auto-immune conditions that may prevent or prolong healing. Don't forget you can bring your own favorite snacks to your session! We have a full-size fridge for your convenience.


6 hr. session/Full day

This is the maximum suggested length of a session and includes lunch on the house or you can bring your own! We have a full-size fridge for your convenience.  Reserved for experienced collectors, by request and subject to availability. Thank you


Nickhole Arcade offers art and wearable altars for all bodies.

We have always provided clean, crisp, custom tattoos and have recently added even more personal services, gifts, and options to bring you the best of everything we offer. Artistic permanent tattooing done by artists trained in both makeup application AND tattooing.

Gift cards, art prints, stickers, prepaid tattoo time and more are all available at the kiosk.

Our location is 100% accessible and compliant with current ADA standards.  Our entry, workstations, front desk and restroom are all wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Nickhole Arcade gives back.

For every tattoo and personal service purchased, an equal service is donated to someone in need within our community. 

We donate to support and empower people surviving: Domestic Violence, cancer, self harm, chemotherapy, trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling disorder), PTSD, and support those exiting gang life. Thank you for helping me to provide free cover-ups of self-harm scars, traumatic memories, and gang tattoos. Thank you on behalf of those who will benefit from your purchase.

If you know of someone in need, send them to me! We truly appreciate your support. Thanks for choosing to work with us to heal our community.

Toss it? No way! 

I also head up the Olympia Chapter of Repair Cafe, a worldwide syndicated group committed to reducing waste and helping neighbors learn to repair clothing, household items and personal electronic devices locally for free. Cool, huh? Check out our facebook page and be sure to like and subscribe for events and announcements. Would you like to help? We are always growing, and looking for new volunteers.

Art, tattooing, makeup, and permanent cosmetics

Since 2001, I've dedicated my life to tattooing.  With over 15 years of certified and simultaneous professional experience, permanent makeup and tattooing converge. 

Energy healing, herbs, meditation and self-care supplies

Come into our space and see how many things fall into the "other magic" category.  Many of our classes, offerings and self-care services are NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack funds) and many services are donated as part of our "pay-it-forward" courtesy service program.

Permanent cosmetics

Permanent makeup is great option for eliminating steps in your daily makeup routine. Through combining sterile tattooing and modern microblading techniques, our diversely-talented staff is professionally trained and certified to serve your needs and grant your beautification and correction wishes.  As always, consultations are free, and many services include both pre-procedural numbing and aftercare. 

Single Beauty Mark

This is a brief item description.


Fresh Face Freckles

10-25 total freckles around nose, cheeks and forehead 


Freckle Fill

This is a brief item description.


Face + Body Freckles 

30-60+ freckles scattered naturally across face, back, shoulders and d√©colletage 

starting at



Microblade technique for natural hair-stroke brows


Powder brows

Soft brows as if they were filled in with a brow shadow powder


Our most requested service!

Blade and shade

AKA the "Combo brow" combines the previous two techniques for a 3 dimensional look


Makeup and wig services 

Put your best face forward! Clean brushes, a fresh perspective,  available at your location or mine depending on the service.

Makeover + Dry style

Try a new look! Natural to glamorous in-store makeover and a dry hairstyle.


Lash Application

Add magnetic strip-adhesive lashes to any makeover for all-day wear


Wig Dry Style

Double stacks $50 and up

starting at $29 

Wig Wash + Style

This service takes 24-48  hours, please plan ahead!

starting at $39

Makeover only

In- store makeover, face only, no hairstyle.


Photo + Stage Ready 

On-Location or in-store makeover, dry style, and touchups for your photoshoot, performance, or special event.

starting at $99


Full transformation with:

  • beard cover 
  • full face makeup
  • tape by request
  • dry style
  • a mini photoshoot
  • digital copies of your photos

starting at $199

Book your  appointment online today!