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Welcome to the all-new kiosk! 

As required by the CDC and state of Washington's new safety standards I'm using a few new solutions to safely provide personal service. I'm offering and virtual consultations free shipping on most items, though you are welcome to tip if you want to pitch in for shipping or anything! Also offering curbside art pickup, mobile check-in for appointments, online scheduling, gift cards, and reducing cash handling with all-digital payment. This new page combines digital check-in, my tip jar, deposits, my online art store, available discounts, and package offerings. Just scroll until you see what you are looking for, please! Custom art orders that are accompanying discount bundles are non-refundable! If you have any questions about the refund policy please read the ABOUT section or if you need further clarification let me know by sending your question in an e mail to [email protected] 

Emails are usually answered ASAP with a goal of replying to non-emergency e mails within 24-48 hours 

Thank you!

Still need to schedule or reschedule  your appointment? We can do that right here!

If you plan on getting a small or medium tattoo:

Make a $100 non-refundable Deposit

Deposits are non-refundable, and are only made once I've accepted your project.  They are invoiced to you through your client portal. The deposit is a great start if you're ready to put down the minimum one hundred dollar deposit, or would like to make a payment for your tattoo. All tattoo appointments require a deposit or $100 the equivalent of 30 minutes prepaid tattoo time on file except free consultations and touchup appointments. 

If you end up purchasing a larger bundle, this will add 30 minutes to the prepaid time. 

Deposits are only applied to tattoo time and aren't refundable if you do not get tattooed.  In most tattoo shops if you are talking to an artist, having them draw for you and communicate for weeks/months, only to cancel, your deposit goes to the artist for their time that they could have been spending on a project that would result in a tattoo. 

If you have any questions please read the ABOUT section or if you need further clarification let me know by sending an e mail to [email protected]


This link will take you to the shop website. 

  1. Complete your consent form.
  2. Tap the button of the artist you’re checking in with to call us. 
  3. We will answer and acknowledge your arrival if we are finished sanitizing and able to answer. If not, please leave a message telling us that you're here and have completed the consent form and pre-entry checklist. 
  4. Once shop sanitizing is dry and safe to enter we will call you back. 
  5. Upon entry, you will be asked to take a touch less temperature test. If your result is over 99 degrees we will need to reschedule. 
  6. Once temp is confirmed please wash your hands for 20 seconds.
  7. Please do not touch your face or mask, and wear mask properly for the duration of your visit. Thank You!

Tips are always appreciated but never required!

By popular demand I have added a contactless tip jar to the kiosk.  As I mentioned before, tipping is always greatly appreciated, but never expected or required.  I'm grateful for any amount you choose to give! To tip a custom amount, adjust the quantity of tip jar dollars to reflect the amount of dollars you want to send my way.  They will then appear in your cart. At checkout completion I will receive your $ gift and send a "thank you" note

Tip Jar

Add Curbside pick-up for Free!

Be sure to add this to your order if you want to pick up your items curbside to-go style.  After purchase, I'll reach out to say "thank you" and make arrangements for your pickup time

Curbside pickup

If you want cool shoes, I made some for you!


CLASSIC HIGH TOP by Nickhole Arcade

is available online now! (I wear mine all the time!)

  • 100% Cruelty-free and all vegan materials used
  • FREE shipping shipping to Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA.
  • Completely love your shoes or replace them for free—no questions asked!
  • Ghost hunt is a protected design and Limited Edition product. You can only find the very limited quantities here in this shop. 

Get yours