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Welcome to the new deposit page! This part of the process is best completed on an actual desktop computer that is safe to make online purchases from.

If you are trying from a phone it may give you only PayPal as an option for payment.  However, from a desktop, upon checkout, you'll see that there is a link to pay with your debit or credit card right below the space that asks for your PayPal password.

You can start a positive balance by placing your deposit here.  Just click the amount you'd like to put down for your deposit.  You can create a custom amount by adding multiple options to your cart which all add up to your total desired deposit or total. Create a total to debit from, or just do the minimum. 

Washington state and Tumwater City sales tax will be collected upon checkout.  If you are getting tattooed or purchasing art from outside of WA state, the tax will be refunded to you immediately after the purchase transaction is complete.

 All appointments require a minimum deposit of $150, to be applied directly to the cost of your tattoo at your last session. If you'd like to make another appointment after your session, the $150 deposit must be in place. If it is used for tattoo time, the deposit must be replaced before a new time slot is reserved.

If you have a gift card, once you make an appointment, the gift card becomes your deposit and is subject to the same rules as a cash deposit. If you reschedule or cancel an appointment with at least 24 HOURS but ideally 2+ days notice, your deposit is forfeited because your gift card was in use as a deposit.

If you no-call no-show, reschedule or cancel on a Saturday appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you are no longer able to schedule on Saturdays, unfortunately. This is the busiest day and we run a tight ship.

PayPal keeps track of all receipts and it makes accounting super easy!  You can even use this area to share a gratuity if you would like.  Tips are always appreciated but never expected. You will receive a deposit from PayPal, and I'll message you as well to confirm: 1.) that I received it and 2.) the total amount. Thank you!

 tab (noun): Informal. a bill, as for a meal in a restaurant; check.

You can also pay your tab for today's (or a future) session here.  

Please do this before leaving the studio if your deposit was less than your session length to avoid confusion.  Please ask if you have questions.  Just choose the options that amount to your total for today and check out! You can choose a time-based amount, bill notes, or both!  

The hourly rate is $200 per hour (for projects under two hours), or $150 per hour (for projects over two hours) + Sales tax of 9.1%. The art form of tattooing is now considered a "retail item" and no longer considered a service in tax language.  

Thank You !!

1 hour/ deposit minimum

This is a great place to start your tab by depositing the minimum needed to book make an appointment for any larger work project. 

1 hour
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30 minutes/ shop minimum

You can add half an hour to your total here, or if your tattoo has been quoted as being the shop minimum.

half hour / 30 min
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