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How to care for your tattoo if it wasn't bandaged

Wash your hands

Avoid infection and longer healing!

Always wash your hands with soap and water before and after touching your tattoo. Never touch your tattoo unless you just washed your hands thoroughly. Dry with clean paper towels.  It REALLY helps if your environment is tidy and your facilities, surfaces and personal items are fresh and clean

Drink lots of water

Stay hydrated and heal faster!

A good idea is to put a bit of lemon or cucumber in your water to make it more absorbable by your body, taste better and eliminate trace chemicals before drinking

Wash your tattoo! 

Use Dr. Bronner's magic liquid concentrated soap

Only wash your tattoo in the shower once your hands are clean! Wash your tattoo with clean hands, gently massaging the tattoo in circles toward your heart as you wash. This soap is oil-based and very moisturizing. 

Use Clean Paper towel

No regular towels allowed 

Only dry your tattoo with clean paper towels after washing your tattoo and your hands! Pat dry gently to remove any excess moisture from washing.  Regular towels are reusable and can hold germs and breed fungus.  

Using Lotion

Only when necessary

Using lotion on a healing tattoo is okay if it is feeling dry. Avoid lotion and ointments for the first three days, and any lotion used must always be non-scented and water-based.  Do not apply lotion without first washing it, patting it dry, and letting it air dry a bit.  Water-logging (Lotion on a wet tattoo) will cause complications and possibly infection.

Hands off

Do not let anyone touch your tattoo 

Do not touch your tattoo unless you are actively caring for it at the time with clean hands. Do not let anyone else touch your healing tattoo.