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You're invited to experience art in a new way. My mission is to continually heal the energy in myself and those around me by creating meaningful art, with compassion and an inclusive, collaborative mindset. I truly enjoy providing professional service in a clean, peaceful environment surrounded by natural beauty, and I'm happy to share this with you. I believe it is possible to receive beautiful tattoo work, while enjoying the process, protecting the planet and helping those in need. Ultimately, I hope that my art and tattooing will inspire everyone to become better friends with the planet, animals, and each other.

How I work

I am an artist who is perpetually looking for ways to improve my artistic process while considering the impact of disposable culture.  I seek to create permanent, living art and wearable altars to strengthen and encourage you without destroying the planet. As an artist, I feel that the environment that art is created in is as sacred as the process itself.  Ideally, all tattoo shops would be as kind, spotless and as environmentally aware as Waterproof Black.  However the standards are unfortunately and disappointingly low as some places are merely holding the minimum requirements. We go above and beyond minimum requirements to create an inclusive environment that is welcoming and safe for our guests.  We  look forward to continuing to lead the way in mindful practices, including many of these additional considerations that are extended to every member of our community with gratitude.

  • healthy boundaries and respectful communication at all times
  • all clients are treated with respect and cared for during each phase of project development
  • all supplies used are brand new, sterilized, and disposable or single use
  • as many disposable products as possible have been replaced by petroleum-free and plastic-free options
  • all inks and ointments are tattoo-specific, vegan, cruelty-free and made as locally as possible
  • our parking, entry, workspace, and restroom facilities are ADA compliant for maximum accessibility
  • our standardized safety and sanitary procedure places distance between appointment times to allow for cleaning
  • choose the type of music you want to listen to at the beginning of each session for maximum comfort
  • light refreshments like purified water, herbal tea and munchies are always complimentary

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What our customers are saying

"Nickhole is the best tattoo artist I've ever experienced! She not only listens to what her clients wish to have done but also works with her incredible intuition and always has wonderful ideas to share! She is thoughtful, considerate, funny, and beautifully professional. Her shop is clean, organized, and she has cultivated welcoming, warm energy there. I've been inked by many people over the years but nothing is like getting tattooed by Nickhole. I easily fall into a comfortable trance state. Perhaps it's the reiki she does while working, perhaps the vibe of the shop, or all of the above. I highly recommend her and have no plans to go to any other artist ever again!!"

Monika S.

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